Catalogue: Potatoes


Organic Amarosa Potatoes from Poplar Bluff OrganicsOrigin:  Idaho, Washington, and Oregon

Description:  Fingerling potato with smooth, deep-red skin and red flesh.

Culinary Characteristics:  Amarosa fingerling potatoes have a sweet and creamy flavour which is all the more satisfying due to its unique hue. The tasty tubers retain their colour when they are cooked so they are delicious in a variety of different dishes and can be baked, roasted, and grilled. They can also be boiled, a convenient means of cooking due to the potato's skinny size. These fingerlings also make great potato chips that are as tasty as they are attractive. Like all potatoes, the Amarosa is high in potassium, iron, and vitamins C and B6. Its bright colour makes its skin and flesh especially rich in anti-oxidants.

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